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What is AIMSle ~ Program Environs?

AIMSle ~ Program Environs is a cross-platform, single user version of AIMS (MacOS or Windows designed for use at multiple remote locations by members of an accessibility management team who are responsible for gathering information about the levels of accessibility of program environments.

In contrast to the full blown version of AIMS previously described, this limited edition of AIMS's sole purpose is to provide frontline personnel with an electronic means of compiling information requested by project managers in a Program Accessibility Checklist(s). AIMSle is not capable of generating any project documentation EXCEPT a very rough DRAFT of a Program Accessibility Report/Preliminary Accommodation Plan (See Appendix A).

After a remote evaluation is complete, AIMSle provides end-users with an electronic means of exporting the data for seamless integration into the primary accessibility database maintained by the project managers for subsequent analysis and report generation.

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What is AIMS?


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